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Publications List

From 1977 to 1991 the majority of my work for the Archaeological Unit was in the form of fine line illustration for publication in numerous archaeological reports, on the excavated sites and finds discovered in Norfolk. The illustration of important finds made by metal detectorists continued up to 2005. Most were published in the academic journals East Anglian Archaeology and Norfolk Archaeology. These drawings number in the thousands and the list of publications is very long and has not been included here.

Latest Publication:
2008 March Reconstruction painting, illustrations and photographs, St Benet's Abbey Guidebook
and History. By Tim Pestell, published by the Norfolk Archaeological Trust.

Author of the following books:

1982 The Research of Times lost. Article in Illustrators 42.
1987 Joint author, Morning Thorpe Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Norfolk. E.A.A 36.
1990 Joint author, Association of Archaeological Illustrators & Surveyors
Technical Paper 10. The Illustration of Excavated Window Glass.

Freelance commissions for artwork and photography to illustrate popular publications and exhibitions:

1981 Norfolk Origins 1: Hunters to first farmers, Acorn Editions.
1983 Norfolk Origins 2: Roads and Tracks, Poppyland Publishing (reprint 2006).
1984 A History of Norfolk, Phillimore. (reprint 2004)
1987 Norfolk Origins 3: Celtic Fire & Roman Rule, Poppyland Publishing (reprint 2003).
1987 Eigg – an Island Landscape, Winner of the Carnegie Award for non-fiction.
1988 Cottage Garden Society’s 10th anniversary book.
1990 Norfolk Origins 4: The North Folk; Angles, Saxons & Danes. Poppyland Publishing
1990 The Manx Loghtan Story, Geerings of Ashford Ltd.
1994 The Normans in Norfolk, Norfolk Museums Service.
1996 Festival of Norfolk Archaeology, Norfolk & Norwich Archaeological Society.
1997 The Vikings in Norfolk, Norfolk Museums Service.
2001 Venta Icenorum, Norfolk Archaeological Trust.
2001 Roman Town Reconstruction. Origins Exhibition, The Forum, Norwich,
2002 Outposts of the Empire, Norfolk Archaeological Trust.
2004 Wild Waxham, Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust.
2004 Hales Church Guide, The Churches Conservation Trust.
2005 An Island and its People: Eigg. Eigg History Society.

Cover Design

2005 Roman reconstruction illustrations in gallery display. Time & Tide Museum, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Museums and Archaeological Services.
2006 British Iron Age Swords and Scabbards,(p243) I.M. Stead, The British Museum Press.
2007 March, Norfolk Archaeology, Vol XLV Part 1,2006. Cover illustration and finds illustrations Fig 1 & 2. Page 24-26 'Reconstructing Bloodgate Hill' joint article with Trevor Ashwin page 25.
2008 March Reconstruction painting, illustrations and photographs, St Benet's Abbey Guidebook and History. Tim Pestell, Norfolk Archaeological Trust